These Vessels came from my desire to create a cover for a mason jars that protects the jars from breaking or clanging together while sailing on my boat.

As I discovered the different geometries in the patterns of the weavings, I became interested in the intention of use of the vessels based on the meanings in Sacred Geometry

Together with the rich history of knot tying in sailing and the mysticism inherent in sailing lore through the practice of sailing the globe and navigating by the stars, these vessels will carry you on your travels.

Mason Jars are practical, recyclable, and re-useable and can provide an alternative to paper, plastic and styrofoam cups.

Mason Jars and the Masonic traditions from which their name is shared, honor the wisdom of Sacred Geometry as the building block for meaning in architecture and design


Freemasons and the mason jar

I have often referred to the juncture between "Freemasons" and John L Mason, the inventor of the mason jar. Although no connection exists, I.e. John mason was not a Freemason, I found the glassblowers mark which is inscribed inside of a keystone on many mason jars to be a curious example of a link between freemasonry and mason jars, since the keystone is an obvious symbol of masons